Motorola Combines Enterprise Mobility Channels

Motorola Inc. (MOT) on Monday announced that it will combine all indirect sales partners for its Enterprise Mobility Solutions under one channel program, effective April 1.

The new Motorola PartnerEmpower Program integrates Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility business and Government and Public Safety businesses, which were combined to become the EMS business in early 2009.

PartnerEmpower will comprise three distinct program tracks reflecting Motorola EMS’ three core technology areas – wireless network solutions, mobility and radio. These tracks will be rolled out in stages over the next 18 months, and existing government, public safety and enterprise channel partners gradually will be transitioned into the appropriate track. In the meantime, existing programs will remain unchanged, Motorola said.

The new program tracks will include opportunities for certification in key areas, along with the opportunity to earn designation as a PartnerEmpower Specialist or Elite Specialist. These designations will provide channel partners with access to an incremental set of program benefits.

Janet Schijns, Motorola’s vice president of worldwide channels and distribution, told PHONE+ the new program has a strong emphasis on helping channel partners develop a deeper knowledge and aligning rewards to partner investment – time and/or money/MDF — in developing such expertise. Significantly, she said partners will earn points for each specialization or certification earned and those will determine discounting, not simply volume as has been the case in the past.

This, in turn, will enable Motorola to more effectively direct end users (and other channel partners) to partners based on their needs, rather than simply zip code and product. “Different partners are right for different things,” she said, noting the end goal is to increase the adoption of enterprise mobility solutions. In the future, this system will be augmented with a points-based rating system wherein end users and partners can offer evaluations of on-the-job performance, she said.

Schijns said one thing that hasn’t changed is that Motorola EMS’ go-to-market strategy primarily relies on the indirect sales channel. Eighty-five percent of revenue from enterprises comes from the channel, she said.

Schijns also mentioned that the program now recognizes that there are some partners that can have a less involved, but still beneficial relationship Motorola. These “influencers” or “agents,” she explained, can register a deal with Motorola and then match up with a certified partner to fulfill the solution.


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