TCA Committee Ratifies Code of Ethics

A committee of the Technology Channel Association (TCA), a non-profit organization for the indirect sales channel, has ratified a Code of Ethics, the first step in the creation of a Certified Agent Program. The draft document now much be approved by the TCA Board of Trustees.

The Certified Agent Program committee is chaired by Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO, who announced the progress in his blog Friday.

The TCA Code of Ethics details the core guidelines of agent professionalism, including conflicts of interest, good faith representation and public perception. Among the tenets are acting in good faith, being objective in their recommendations, treating business associates with respect, avoiding unfair business practices and more.

Once ratified, the Code of Ethics must be agreed to by the members of the TCA. Consequences for non-compliance or procedures for enforcement were not released.

When completed, a TCA certification program is hoped to provide agents with credentials and vendors with assurance that they are working with reputable agents.

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