Palm Pre Plus Finally Gets Praise

Palm has taken all kinds of heat lately for everything from the drop of its stock price and dwindling cash reserves, to poor sales and reviews of its flagship smartphone, the Palm Pre.

But following up some good news this week that the company has resumed production of the Pre in China, comes this – a good review of the Palm Pre Plus on the Verizon Wireless network.

Positive reviews for the Pre Plus have been hard to come by, with most saying it’s not worth dumping Sprint to take up the device with Verizon. But in a new review, editor Jim Finkelstein of the Detroit Free Press lavishes praise on the Pre Plus, calling it “amazing,” “magical,” “svelte” and “cool.” He says your friends will be impressed enough to give you some “oohs and ahs.”

But before you go buy one, he says, you’ll need to remember that the Pre Plus “takes special training to use and appreciate.” He would prefer to see some of the keys you’d expect to see on a normal phone, like “send” and “end,” but once you have learned your way around that and become familiar with navigating more by touch than on many other phones, he says you’ll find it “exhilarating.”

The phone has some other imperfections, Finkelstein says, calling call quality “strangely hollow” compared with other Verizon phones. He also says the screen isn’t as crystal clear as some of the HTC phones you can pick up for the Verizon network, but all in all, the Palm Pre Plus is worth your while for $150. It can be founder cheaper at some outlets.

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