FCC: National Broadband Will Cost $25B

You’ve probably heard by now that the FCC’s plan for national broadband coverage won’t come cheap – unless you consider $25 billion a small price to pay.

You heard right. The Wall Street Journal said this week the plan will ask Congress to spend up to $25 billion – with between $12 billion and $16 billion going to wireless broadband for first responders – to get high-speed Internet access to all corners of the United States. The FCC is expected to release its final proposal on March 17.

There’s also talk that the plan we see later this month will not be the same one that emerges once federal lawmakers have their go at it. Many critics are calling the construct untenable. They say it’s so unwieldy and broad that it won’t be possible to implement the plan as-is. Blair Levin, the expert who helped architect the plan, has been making the media rounds, defending and explaining the submission, but industry observers still predict the final version of the document will look completely different from the original.

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