IP5280 Debuts Cloud Computing Infrastructure

IP5280 Communications announced at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo the immediate availability of its highly developed cloud computing infrastructure, called “CLOVER,” or “CLOud OVer Enterprise Resources.”

The IP5280 CLOVER is a multi-carrier inter-exchange network that is specifically designed to optimize the performance of interactive cloud-based applications, such as hosted VoIP and other session initiation protocol (“SIP”) based communications. The CLOVER computing network includes an array of best-of-breed feature servers, such as Broadsoft, Microsoft OCS, open source and proprietary servers that provide cloud-based functionality critical in the delivery of IP communications for businesses.

The IP5280 CLOVER is an industry first — engineered and designed to enable new suites of cloud-based business offerings that include: Voice-to-Text; a voicemail transcription service; Voice-to-Email; a carbon copy voicemail sent to a user’s email inbox; Custom Call Routing, such as Zip Code routing for store locator applications; and Managed Call Services that enable a user real-time management of their inbound calls. The IP5280 CLOVER is an online repository for feature-specific applications to host and support the numerous business capabilities that are moving to the “cloud,” enabling the SMB market to access services which in the past were cost prohibitive and generally available to only large companies.

“The IP5280 CLOVER is more than just the most advanced cloud-based computing network available for hosted business-class telecommunications applications,” said Jeff Pelletier, chief technology officer for IP5280. “It’s an imperative for any business that plans to take advantage of service offerings that are not on their premises, but rather hosted in the network. The CLOVER enables businesses to combine applications and features critical in meeting their specific business objectives.”

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