Apple Users Twice as Likely To Pay for Apps than Android Fans

Mobile metrics company AdMob has uncovered some interesting stats regarding purchasing behavior for applications and connected devices. For instance, it surveyed iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and WebOS users and found that Android users like their free apps. And, only 16 percent of iPhone users plan on buying Apple Inc.’s iPad slate computer when it comes to market later this year.

To the first point, Apple and Android users each download around nine apps per month, but Apple customers are twice as likely to pay for those apps. In fact, 50 percent of iPhone users and 35 percent of iPod Touch owners buy at least one app a month. In contrast, only 21 percent of Android users are likely to purchase an app in any given month.

Even users of Palm Inc.’s fledgling WebOS (Palm Pre, Palm Pixi) are less stingy: 24 percent are likely to buy an app.

Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, it’s the game-happy iPod Touch users that consume the most apps — averaging around 12 per month. WebOS users download about 6 apps per month. Of course, the Apple App Store has thousands more apps on offer compared to Palm’s storefront, which might contribute to the difference in behavior.

Meanwhile, it looks as though the iPad might not be as popular as suspected, but still popular enough to translate into major sales. In AdMob’s survey, a full 16 percent of iPhone owners said they would be buying an iPad in the next six months. That’s compared to 11 percent of webOS users, and 6 percent of Android users.

So what does that translate to in terms of sales? If one takes 16 percent of the iPhone’s 75 million units shipped globally, that works out to be 12 million. Of course, that’s not necessarily 75 million discrete users; upgrades and replacements should be taken into account of course. One user could have gotten three iPhones in the course of the last three years. But even so, add in the Palm users, Android aficionados and non-smartphone users who may be interested, and the total could signal a healthy start for the device.

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