Lightyear Announces Wireless Broadband Via MiFi 2200

Lightyear Network Solutions (Booth #1615) is announcing at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo the launch of its new Mobile Wireless Broadband Solution.

The service is provided through the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 on a Nationwide 3G Network. The device is just a little thicker than a credit card and easily fits in the palm of your hand to make it easy for business travelers on the go. This device allows a single user or a group of up to five people to simultaneously connect to the Internet. It has a download speed of 3.1mbps.

Lightyear’s new service features no contract, no commitment, no termination penalties and no overage fees.

“We’re so excited to announce the launch of Lightyear’s new Wireless Broadband Service,” said Lightyear National Wireless Sales Manager Jeff Kaufman. “This product allows our customers to create their own personal mobile ‘hotspots’ for up to five users at the same time. Customers can use this product on a National Wireless Network with no contract and no long-term commitments.

“We believe this product will really resonate with our agent partners and our customers, and it expands our already wide array of network services, which are all provided on one invoice and feature one point of contact for the end user.”

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