Endeavor Refines Support Programs

At the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, Endeavor (Booth #1512) is highlighting refinements to its suite of ancillary support programs geared to customers who are anticipating a resurgence of volume.

With increased volume, customers can immediately realize additional capacity by utilizing Endeavor’s white-label support programs such as enhanced acceptance testing/service turn-up, site readiness confirmation, and third-party logistics without the time and risks of rebuilding internal fixed-cost organizations, the company said. These support programs also reduce the risks associated with hiring and training new staff that may later be underutilized or underemployed during troughs of order flow.

Endeavor said that customers who take advantage of its refined support services – which include end-user site readiness confirmation, enhanced acceptance testing, and third-party logistics – benefit instantly from Endeavor’s variable cost model and wholesale pricing.

“Our customers are now faced with the question of how to efficiently and immediately ramp operations to meet demand while not imprudently rebuilding a cost structure that is inflexible during slower times. While this issue is a difficult one, it is much preferred to that with which our industry has had to cope over the past six quarters,” said Justin McLain, Endeavor’s CEO. “For the past eight years, Endeavor has existed solely to provide the on-demand field service and operations support which allows our customers to provide service to their end-users. We’ve recently taken a heavy hand in revising our ancillary support services to enable customers to tap into Endeavor’s vast capacity for volume overflow and process outsourcing which would traditionally be an internal customer limitation on through-put. Not only is this process outsource immediately available as needed on a strict variable cost basis, it is performed more affordably than customers can do themselves.”

While many customers maintain teams dedicated to interfacing with their end-users to verify elements such as circuit confirmation, CPE delivery and site availability for scheduled installation dispatches, Endeavor’s online dispatch system ESP (Endeavor Service Portal) includes an enhanced interface through which Endeavor’s Service Provisioning team performs these calls on the customer’s behalf. The ESP interface drives Service Provisioning to perform scheduled site readiness calls based upon the site-specific script and requirements, capturing the results of each call in real time and enabling customers to track Endeavor’s progress 24 hours per day. All readiness calls are white-label and private-branded.

Enhanced acceptance testing is another add-on service designed to help alleviate customer operational capacity concerns as Endeavor’s Service Delivery performs the turn-up and circuit testing to close out each order. ESP captures the results of various testing methods performed by field engineers on site which are available to customers in real time. To further enhance ESP’s testing and reporting functions, this service also includes the option to establish API integration, through which ESP seamlessly disseminates closure results to customers’ service portals. Or, in lieu of API, Endeavor TAC maintains the ability to perform manual data entry in customers’ systems should this be a requirement, further reducing much, if not all, of the administrative legwork required on the customers’ side for each order.

Each white label, custom-branded shipment can be ordered, monitored and modified through ESP, which is accessible 24/7 for real-time status updates. Qualified customers are billed on a transactional basis so that they only see charges for actual orders requested.

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