TelePacific To Enhance Ethernet, Add Wireless in 2010

TelePacific Communications (Booth #1407) is announcing at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo that it will be releasing several new and upgraded products in 2010, including Ethernet, SmartVoice SIP Network Connect and mobile wireless services.

TelePacific is aggressively implementing its Ethernet strategy, using a combination of facilities-based technology and third-party relationships to maximize capabilities and coverage. TelePacific’s Ethernet product can deliver bandwidths between 1mbps and 1gbps and offers Direct Internet Access as well as compatibility with TelePacific’s 1Net MPLS VPN and SmartVoice SIP telephony product. Ethernet over T1 and D3 are available today in all TelePacific markets, and Ethernet over fiber is available in Las Vegas, San Diego, the greater Los Angeles area and Orange County.

In 2010, TelePacific will upgrade SmartVoice to be interoperable with any firewall product. In addition, four new PBX vendors – Cisco CME, Mitel, Switchvox and Toshiba – will be added to the current list of interoperable products, which includes Allworx, Asterisk and ShoreTel. The company will reintroduce SmartVoice SIP Network Connection services and offer bandwidths up to 6mbps with up to 72 call paths.

In addition, TelePacific is kicking off the development of its mobile wireless offering, which is in the works now. Wireless cards, PDAs and handsets will be released in 2010 and added to the broad portfolio of services TelePacific already offers today on a single customer invoice.

“We expanded our development team to facilitate the development of these new and upgraded products and we are pleased with our progress on the 2010 roadmap,” said David Zahn, TelePacific’s vice president of marketing. “We are looking forward to working with both our channel partners and customers to roll these out and help our customers meet their communications needs. More details on the products and timing will come closer to the release dates.”

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