Verizon To Boot RIMs BlackBerry Storm Reports

Research In Motion (RIMM) could be in trouble.

Rumor is rampant today that Verizon Wireless (VZ) is discontinuing sales of the BlackBerry Storm, one of RIM’s iconic devices, over too-high return rates.

Indeed, customers were not fond of the first generation’s floating touchscreen and the second iteration hasn’t done much better – users want more iPhone and Droid-like functionality, according to reports. Reviewers have called the Storm 2 “dodgy” and “gimmicky.” The New York Times even referred to the device as a “Storm do-over.”

RIM has particularly lagged in developing an apps-friendly operating system. That’s expected to change later this spring but that still means RIM will have come late to the dance.

If Verizon does cancel its Storm orders, RIM is in for a big blow. Verizon, which is co-owned by Vodafone Group, is RIM’s largest Storm customer.

RIM wouldn’t comment to TheStreet and Verizon didn’t respond to inquiries about possibly ending Storm sales.

Shares of RIM were trading down 1.12 percent at 11 a.m. Eastern, reaching $68.90.

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