Why the Palm Pre Plus Is Atrocious

While both acclaim and criticism for the Palm Pre have been relatively mild since the smartphone’s release last summer, a new review rips it like it’s never been ripped before.

Sounding a lot like Simon Cowell on just about any episode of American Idol, a blogger for Silicon Alley Insider says he returned his Palm Pre Plus to Verizon Wireless after using it for just three weeks. Sachin Agarwal says almost everything about the phone is “atrocious,” and he won’t be getting his next phone until Apple comes out with its next iPhone or the Nexus One becomes available on the Verizon network.

So why does he hate the Pre Plus so much? Start just about anywhere. He says the touchscreen is, yes, atrocious, because you often have to hit the buttons several times to get them to work. Also “atrocious,” Agarwal says, are the battery life, the GPS and text editing.

Not quite falling into the “atrocious” category, but still less than adequate, the review says, is an inability to cut and paste, despite the owner’s manual saying it does so. Throw in “underwhelming” apps and a handful of other issues, and you have a truly “uninspiring” phone, according to the review.

Are there any positives? Yes, the review says – like the ability to consolidate your many address books from Gmail, Facebook, etc., as well as the slide-out keyboard. And more on the bright side – Agarwal believes the issues are all software-related, so they can be fixed without too much problem.

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