Patent Infringement Lovefest: ITC Tackles Apple-Nokia

The International Trade Commission has agreed to look into Apple’s complaint against phone-maker Nokia. The ITC is already looking into Nokia’s complaints about Apple, so we’ve come full circle.

Apple says Nokia is violating patents by selling “certain mobile communications and computer devices and components” for which Apple claims to hold patents. An evidentiary hearing is the next step in the process.

Just last month, the ITC said it would investigate Nokia’s claims against Apple. Nokia says Apple’s phones, music players, computers, you name it – infringe on Nokia patents regarding cameras, power management and more.

As long as it’s investigating tech/telco patent complaints, the ITC has decided it will take on the dispute between Motorola and BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion. Motorola says RIM is violating five of its patents simply by selling its products.

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