Verizon Already Slashing Palm Prices

Gone are the days of waiting a year until a newer version of your favorite device is revealed in order to take advantage of a price drop on the old one. Only three weeks after the Palm Pixi Plus made its debut on the Verizon Wireless network, Verizon is slashing the phone’s price from $100 to just $80.

The Pixi Plus was first introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The original Pixi only debuted last fall on the Sprint network. The two phones don’t have a lot of differences, except the new version features Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Pixi Plus has 8GB of storage and 256MB of RAM, which is less than its big brother, the Palm Pre. With its lower price and half the storage of the Pre, the Pixi is designed more for the smartphone novice.

Might make you think twice about shelling out the bucks for that new smartphone if you can wait three weeks and get it for less.

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