TIE Technologies Launches Hosting Affiliate Program

TIE Technologies Inc., a systems integration and telecommunications company focused on engineering and delivering innovative solutions for the global security, voice and data communications markets, has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary MobileApps Inc. launched a new affiliate business development program with the execution of its first Affiliate agreement.

Kicking off The Whirlwind Hosting Affiliate Program, MobileApps executed its first affiliate agreement with Evoke Group – a Graphics Design company based in Asheville, N.C. In this mutual business development contract, MobileApps provides support services to the affiliate development firm, in exchange for the affiliate firm bringing applications and Web site hosting customers to MobileApps.

This program enables a symbiotic relationship at the customer level, with the services of Whirlwind hosting and the services of a trusted affiliate creating better customer results and improved results for all. The community of affiliates will provide opportunities for their services to be improved through the exchange of ideas and potentially gain access to serve a larger breadth of clients that were not within their previous reach. The affiliates will generate commission revenue as a percentage of the Whirlwind Hosting services they introduce.

Joel Mathison, owner of Evoke, stated, “We’re ecstatic to be a part of the affiliate program. The program enables us to grow our business and revenue in conjunction with Whirlwind, which is very exciting. We already have begun building relationships which normally would have been beyond our reach.”

“The affiliate program provides technology support, mutual referral revenue growth and a professional community for the affiliates, all built to provide the mutual expansion of the business of both the affiliates and Whirlwind Hosting,” commented Graham Mew, executive vice president, TIE Technologies. “This program works synergistically with our corporate acquisition strategy, providing a pipeline of new customers for Whirlwind’s application and Web site hosting businesses, without competing with our development partners.”

Whirlwind affiliates usually provide one of the following services to their customers: graphic Design, Web design, application development, traditional and smart phone technologies, or marketing production and planning.


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