Covad MPLS VPN Available Nationwide

Covad Communications has announced the nationwide availability of Covad MPLS VPN services, along with new Quality of Service (QoS)/Class of Service (CoS) capabilities that complete the company’s rollout of an intelligent network platform partners can use to deliver innovative services at reduced costs.

“Adding QoS/CoS capabilities to Covad’s MPLS infrastructure allows our partners to deliver revenue-generating, value-added services on a national broadband platform that can be customized for real-time applications,” said Young-Sae Song, vice president of marketing for Covad Wholesale. “Value-added applications such as VoIP, video conferencing, VPN, and software as a service (SaaS) increase revenue potential and help encourage customer loyalty.”

Covad QoS / CoS enhances the company’s wholesale broadband services by enabling partners to take full advantage of network traffic management for applications dependent on high delivery and low latency. Covad CoS uses industry best-practice prioritization at the entry points to the broadband circuit, allowing the prioritization of different traffic types, such as VoIP and data, to enhance the performance of an end customer’s critical applications, the company said.

Covad MPLS VPNs are for SMBs and distributed enterprises that need to share information and applications securely and privately between locations. Covad MPLS VPNs protect sensitive company information end-to-end on the Covad carrier-grade nationwide network using fast, reliable and intelligent WAN connectivity. Because MPLS VPN traffic never touches the public Internet, it is protected from attacks or malicious activity.

“Covad’s secure, private and affordable MPLS VPN services can be delivered over any type of broadband connection, from DSL for branch offices to DS3s for headquarters,” said Song. “With Covad-managed MPLS VPNs, partners can provide their end customers with a scalable, cost-effective solution for secure, private WAN connectivity.”

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