GIPS Intros iPhone Video Chat

Pushing mobile video more widely across the most popular platforms, Global IP Solutions (GIPS) today said it has released its video chat technology to iPhone developers, who can now incorporate video conferencing into their mobile applications. Known as VideoEngine Mobile, the technology is already available for Windows Mobile devices and will soon be rolled out to other mobile platforms, according to GIPS chief marketing officer Joyce Kim.

GIPS adapted the mobile video software for the iPhone even though the popular handset lacks a front-side camera, rendering two-way video chat impossible. (The mobile user can see the person on the other end, presuming that person has two-way capability, but not vice versa.)

“We looked at the market and asked, ‘Is there value in one-way video alone?’” Kim told VON. “We concluded the answer is yes. Once they do produce an iPhone that can do two-way, we’ll give them that capability. Today we think that the apps are going to leverage the one-way capability.”

GIPS, which has specialized in high-definite voice technology, is moving rapidly into mobile video. The company says its platform can deliver high-quality real-time video to mobile applications, without the delay, jitter, and echo flaws typically associated with video-over-IP. The company generates revenue by licensing the technology to app developers and service providers, and by collecting royalties.

While the universe of mobile video is still tiny, use of the technology is expected to expand rapidly in coming years. Wireless social-media application provider fring last year said it had enabled “the world’s first mobile video calls over Internet protocol (IP).” Embedded in the application that allows free VoIP calls to other fring users as well as Skype and GoogleTalk users, the new version of fring with video calls is available for the Symbian operating system on Nokia (NOK) devices including the X6, N97, 5800 and other handsets.

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