Glacial Energy Forms Channel Division

Glacial Energy, a retail electricity supplier, has announced the recent formation of its Channel Partner Division, which officially came into existences in October 2009. At that time, Herb Finley, who has been with the company since 2006, was named senior vice president of channel partners.

The management of Glacial Energy felt it was time to add structure and support to an area in sales that was growing, said Finley. This division will be an integral part of sales.

Glacial Energys Channel Partner Division, which currently works with more than 50 brokers, will evaluate and select its channel partners and provide those partners with information and support. Finley said there is no cap, at this time, on the number of partners the company is looking to add, and Glacial Energy will add channel partners only when they are a good match with the Glacial Energy business model.

Finley said he believes the crossover of the telecom and energy markets is a win-win situation. Everyone needs electricity, said Finley. And [these] are very similar industries, which makes the transition from telecom to energy seamless.

Glacial Energy supplies retail electricity in the 15 deregulated markets and will be adding gas shortly in all markets. The partner commissions, which are based on usage not price, are built into the pricing.

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