BT Intros Flat-Rate and Global Video Exchange Pricing

BT Conferencing has announced new video bridging flat-rate pricing plans, allowing customers to have a more predictable pricing structure when using BT’s public video bridging service for their conferencing needs.

Customers can choose from two options – the assisted option provides unlimited assisted and self-service video conferences; and the self-service option includes unlimited video conferences when customers use BT’s Engage Web interface for scheduling and launching video conferences.

BT Conferencing also announced a new pricing plan for its award-winning Global Video Exchange service. Global Video Exchange (GVE) enables customers to hold telepresence meetings across different networks, promoting collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners. GVE pack pricing allows customers to select a monthly allotment of TelePresence events using GVE. With this pricing option, customers may choose an allotment of 25, 50, 100 or 250 GVE events per month for any duration and include up to five telepresence endpoints per event.

“These offers are the first in a series of new bridging services releases that will lead the industry in expanding the customer’s ability to communicate internally and externally with suppliers and partners using the industry’s leading video technology,” said Jeff Prestel, general manager of BT Conferencing’s Video Business Unit.

The video bridging flat-rate plans are available now in the United States, and will be available in the United Kingdom in February. GVE pack pricing is available now globally.

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