Premiere Global Services Launches New PGi Brand

Premiere Global Services Inc. (PGI) is unveiling the new PGi brand along with a focus on delivering a user experience in tune with people’s basic need to connect, the company said.

“Business and cultural habits have been changing within our customer base,” said Jackie Yeaney, chief marketing officer, PGi. “Increasingly, people expect things to be easy. To be cool, yet affordable. And to just work, instantly, at the touch of a button.”

PGi said its new brand addresses the fundamental shift in communications and represents a business model aimed at profitable growth based on changing global preferences for collaboration users. PGi already has made significant strides by hosting 40 million meetings in 2009 with 120 million people from 60 countries in attendance.

“We aim to be a part of any meeting that happens when you can’t all be in the same room,” said Yeaney. “This is a high aspiration, and accomplishing it will take more than just developing great products. It will take a different strategy altogether, which begins with our new PGi brand.”

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