Report: AT&T Wants To Dump iPhone Exclusivity

While many would argue that opening the iPhone up to other carriers would benefit Apple with additional sales, an inside source at AT&T is saying that its the telecom giant thats looking to end the exclusive deal for the device.

Problems with data overload on AT&Ts wireless network have been well documented ever since the carrier teamed with Apple three years ago. Now a source inside AT&T reportedly tells Hot Hardware that the image hit the carrier has taken, especially in recent months, is enough to make it want exclusivity to end. So now it seems more likely that some sort of an announcement in that regard will be made at Apples Jan. 27 media event.

While Apple has only said it will be discussing a new creation at the event, most believe the company will unveil a new tablet computer, which is widely rumored to be called the iSlate. This latest news from inside AT&T will increase speculation that a new version of the iPhone will also be announced Wednesday. A partnership between Apple and Verizon has been talked about for months, so this furthers the possibility that the new iPhone will be a CDMA version that can run on Verizons wireless network. Just last week, reports indicated that the release of an updated iPhone was imminent.

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