F5 Announces New Management Solutions

F5 Networks Inc. (FFIV) has announced two new management solutions, Enterprise Manager 2.0 software and the Enterprise Manager 4000 hardware platform.

Enterprise Manager is a centralized management platform for F5 BIG-IP devices that gives customers a consolidated, real-time view of their entire F5 Application Delivery Network, as well as the tools they need to optimize performance amidst changing network and user conditions. By combining simplified configuration management and performance monitoring in a single solution, Enterprise Manager helps organizations boost efficiency and reduce the time spent on redundant tasks and managing multiple devices. By consolidating and simplifying the management of BIG-IP Application Delivery Controllers, Enterprise Manager helps customers reduce operational expenses and infrastructure complexity. The ability to customize operations policies lets IT staff automate repetitive operational tasks such as certificate and configuration management and software updates, freeing up IT personnel to focus on other crucial tasks. The new 4000 hardware platform allows customers with as few as eight devices to take advantage of Enterprise Manager’s sophisticated reporting, device monitoring, and performance management capabilities.

By providing real-time visibility into network and device performance, Enterprise Manager allows organizations to configure pre-set thresholds and alerts, enabling IT teams to adapt to changes in their application delivery environments. In addition, Enterprise Manager 2.0 gives organizations the ability to manage pools and pool members, giving administrators a central interface to quickly make changes (for instance, taking a server offline for scheduled maintenance) for both BIG-IP devices and the servers associated with them.

The ability to manage devices and their associated servers in a centralized fashion saves customers time. Today’s organizations often employ trained staff in multiple locations to make manual policy changes or update devices one at a time. With Enterprise Manager, critical security updates can be performed simultaneously on separate devices. Customers can quickly and easily make changes to their network configuration and ensure that new policies are in place immediately, no matter where the device is located.

“Global organizations continue to rely on F5 solutions to scale their application delivery capabilities and support their evolving IT infrastructures,” said Jason Needham, senior director of product management at F5. “The new Enterprise Manager software enhances organizations’ ability to cost-effectively manage and track application performance metrics across an F5 infrastructure. For our customers, this translates into holistic visibility into application delivery at a glance. In addition, by updating the Enterprise Manager hardware portfolio, F5 provides excellent value, consolidated device management, and a clear upgrade path for customers with even a small number of BIG-IP devices in their network.”


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