The Next iPhone: Recommendations for Improvement

With rumors rampant that the release of the next version of the iPhone is imminent, perhaps at a media event scheduled for Jan. 27, many are curious to see what improvements might be made to the world’s best-known smartphone. A writer for the San Jose Mercury News, Troy Wolverton, knows what he’d like to see in the updated version, and we’d have to agree.

First, he recommends multitasking. This is one area other smartphones have been able to point to as a weakness in the iPhone. Running more than one application at a time is becoming a big part of the decision many are making before they buy a smartphone. On the current iPhone, about all you can do is pull up a Web page as you talk or play music while doing other things. Wolverton wants to be able to do more things at once, and so do we.

Second, he wants notifications to be less obtrusive. On the iPhone, a big box comes up and covers what you’re looking at any time that you are informed about an incoming text or a low battery. On other top-of-the-line smartphones, you are alerted by a small icon on the side of the screen.

Third, Flash support. Palm and Android are planning for it, so Apple better get on board, or it risks falling behind the competition.

Other ideas for updates on Wolverton’s list include:

  • social networking integration
  • widgets
  • free turn-by-turn navigation
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