snom Shows Off Touchscreen VoIP Desk Phone

IT EXPO — It’s the intersection of smartphone and VoIP deskset: snom technology AG is showing off its new snom 870 Touchscreen Phone at the ITEXPO in Orlando this week.

The snom 870 is the latest addition to snom’s “8” series of fourth-generation SIP phones. The phone features multimedia capabilities anchored by a color touchscreen display, which serves as a dashboard to launch a variety of business communications that are critical for today’s enterprise workforce – such as telephony, unified communications and customer relationship management applications. It also supports complex telephony applications like swapping of calls, or establishment of conference calls for up to five participants via drag-and-drop. The integrated XML browser in snom 870 also provides a wide range of additional applications, whether it be the control of an external monitoring camera or access to the most important stock exchange data.

The address book makes sure that each caller can be quickly identified. It offers space for additional information such as company affiliation, e-mail address and much more. The control elements on display are designed for active call handling, so that the right contact is selected even in multiple call scenarios.

The phone also features wideband audio with silence suppression and voice activity detection.

It supports normal power supply via wall socket, Power over Ethernet (PoE) or WLAN through USB. And, it offers a secure connection via VPN, TLS and SRTP, which prevents the recording of data.


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