PanTerra Product Includes 100% Browser-Based UC Client

PanTerra Networks has made available WorldSmart 4.0, which includes the industry’s first 100 percent browser-based UC client to go with PanTerra’s already 100 percent cloud-based platform. WorldSmart 4.0 also introduces numerous innovations and user and administrative enhancements specifically targeting multi-location organizations, optimizing group interactions and management.

WorldSmart 4.0 is the first of its kind to eliminate any on-premise hardware or client software, significantly reducing on-site IT costs and demands, further lowering a company’s TCO, according to PanTerra. WorldSmart 4.0 works on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems through Firefox, Explorer, Safari and Chrome browsers, expanding WorldSmart’s audience to literally every desktop in every business. WorldSmart is also compatible with most smartphones. WorldSmart 4.0 stores all user communications in the cloud so that users can retrieve, search and process them from any location with just an internet connection and browser. WorldSmart 4.0’s patent-pending multiple column, real-time communications display, with simultaneous micro-browser communication sessions, shows calls, chat, email, fax, voice mail, SMS and group communications simultaneously from each user and can initiate a desk share, Web collaboration, audio, video, and instant message conferencing with a click of the mouse.

“We are excited to continue to lead the industry in being the first unified communications provider to offer a solution that is 100 percent cloud-based in delivery and 100% browser-based in user experience. PanTerra’s cost-effective SaaS model and new browser-based interface enables businesses to efficiently roll out Unified Communications across their organizations,” said PanTerra’s president and CEO, Arthur Chang. “WorldSmart’s new global group management features further simplify multi-location interactions increasing overall business productivity.”

WorldSmart 4.0 is also compatible with existing user interfaces such as Outlook, Windows, Macs, Linux, standard browsers and standard SIP-based devices and smartphones.

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