iotum Adds Skype to Calliflower Conferencing

ITEXPO — iotum has announced an open beta program through which customers can access their Calliflower conference calls via Skype. Calliflower, which applies a social-networking-style visual interface to the task of conferencing and collaboration, can now be reached from any Skype-enabled PC or phone as well as from traditional PSTN phones.

Previously, participants could dial into Calliflower conferences only through PSTN access numbers, potentially incurring local charges. In regions or countries where no such access numbers are available, customers would incur long-distance and even international charges, or use up Skype-out minutes calling access numbers overseas. Now, callers can access Calliflower through a Skype ID – CalliflowerSkype – or via a Web button in the Calliflower UI.

“We’ve had many requests from potential Calliflower customers who had no local access numbers, especially from parts of Africa, India, China and the Middle East,” said Alec Saunders, iotum CEO. “Now, as long as they have Skype, that doesn’t matter anymore.”

In addition, users gain from the better audio quality they will enjoy through direct Skype access, as well as from all the visual information, documents and presentations that are shared through Calliflower’s interactive dashboard.

Available on PC, Mac and iPhone, Calliflower makes organizing and participating in multiparty calls simple and engaging. It allows participants to see the status of other callers and raise hands to request the floor, while also providing interactive chat, document sharing, intuitive conference controls, call recording, invitations and reminders, integration with calendars and more.

The conference service is available on an unlimited basis for $50 per month for two organizers. Additional organizers cost $25 per month each.

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