Apple Tablet Latest: Jan. 27 Launch Event for New Creation Confirmed

Apple Inc. has officially confirmed that it will hold a press event Jan. 27, to announce its newest creation.

Its widely expected that the giant from Cupertino, Calif., will be unveiling the long-rumored Apple tablet, dubbed in the press as the iSlate, whose ability to start a rumor-storm at its mere mention has been a boon for bloggers and journalists alike. If not the tablet, Apple is certainly unveiling something, and that something will likely have a 10-inch touchscreen and be a completely new form factor for the company.

After months of speculation as to its existence, the industry has settled into a consensus that the device, with its larger screen, is not an iPhone, not a netbook, but somewhere in-between. It is rumored too to exist at the center of a nebulous web of functionality that includes e-readers, enterprise functionality, gaming devices, GPS navigation, music, video and more.

Analysts are saying that Verizon Wireless will be a 3G carrier for the device. Broadpoint AmTech analyst Brian Marshall is saying that unnamed sources have told him that its a certainty that Verizon will support the tablet. However, so will other carriers, he said it will be a non-exclusive.

The event has been a leaked, known quantity for a couple of weeks, but Apple is now acknowledging it, sending out glossy invites to various members of the press. It remains to be seen if the Apple tablet turns out to be what we think it is, a known quantity, or something entirely different.


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