news Unveils Hosted HD Voice Phone Network has announced its new hosted High Definition (HD) Business Phone service. It’s an add-on to’s Virtual Office service.

The new service allows home offices and other small businesses to enjoy professional welcome greetings, phone menus, extension dialing, sophisticated call routing, voice mail, fax and many more features with HD quality. It also allows any business to purchase IP Business Phones that will complement its Virtual Office account and offer voice-quality phone service with an “all included” feature set that is unavailable to small businesses from any of the traditional phone companies, according to

“High Definition voice services are the future of telecommunications,” says the organizer of the HD Communications Summit, Jeff Pulver. “Broadband and HD voice expand productivity and the range of applications. Standard definition voice is headed to the same place as dial-up Internet access. I am pleased to see service providers like offering HD capability with their new hosted Business Phone service.” customers who purchase an HD-enabled phone will be able to communicate with other customers who have an HD phone. Calls to users of other networks will require their adoption of HD voice capability; both parties will need to have an HD phone set in order to take advantage of the higher voice quality.

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