New Product Could Ease Handset Radiation Fears

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) — Better known as the name one the world’s first arcade games, Pong might just keep you safe from harm. Pong is a company that makes skins for mobile phones. It released its iPhone skin last year and is now taking pre-orders for its BlackBerry Curve version. The skins cost $50.

The company claims that the product can cut the amount of handset radiation your body absorbs by more than 60 percent. There are conflicting studies as to whether handset radiation can cause cancer, but this might be relief to those who are concerned about any possible health risks.

Wired Magazine performed some tests on the skins last fall and determined that Pong’s safety claim is legit.

But perhaps Pong should focus on other smartphones. In a story we brought you in September, the Motorola Moto VU204 and the T-Mobile myTouch 3G topped the list of cell phones that emit the most radiation, according to the Environmental Working Group. The BlackBerry Curve ranked fourth on the list, but the iPhone didn’t make the dubious top 10.


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