Motorola Flips Over Backflip, Other Android News

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Motorola is trying to carry the momentum from the release of its Droid smartphone last fall into the new year.

At CES this week, the company announced more Android-based phones are on the way both high-end and wallet-friendly an effort to target all kinds of different consumers.

The newest Moto Android phone is the Backflip, which sports a unique design that allows you to fold its keyboard behind the 3.1-inch touchscreen. The company says that made it possible to create a larger-than-average keyboard. Another key feature of the Backflip is a small touchpad behind the screen. That allows you to navigate without your fingers getting in the way.

Another development from Motorola at CES is the addition of support for Adobe Flash 10.1 to its Android phones. There will also be a software update that gives consumers access to more Web content, but a date for that was not announced.


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