VoxOx Launches Personal Assistant Version 2

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) — VoxOx by TelCentris, a free consumer service that unifies communication channels – voice, video, IM, text, social media, e-mail, fax and more – into a single user interface, has announced the launch of the second version of its personal assistant service, which enables consumers to better manage their inbound voice communications.

Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the enhanced version adds robust remote call-in access features.

Just one of many features of the VoxOx service, the VoxOx Personal Assistant is a productivity tool that helps consumers better manage their inbound and outbound voice communications, specifically calling, texting and faxing. When consumers download VoxOx, they receive a free phone number (or they can use their existing phone number) and, as part of the installation process, they can set up their automated personal assistant to manage their calls. Users can have their personal assistant answer their calls with a personalized greeting, and then give callers a number of options, including leaving a message, or finding the person by ringing their various numbers (office, mobile, home) sequentially, or all at the same time (called the “Find Me, Follow Me” feature).

The personal assistant, which can be set as either a male or female voice, also includes customizable ringback tones, hold music, voice mail notification, call recording, worldwide call forwarding and inbound caller ID. One useful feature, called Eavesdrop, enables consumers to listen to voice mail messages as they are being recorded in real time, and then pick them up out of voice mail. Another, called DeadEnd, enables users to set up a “dead end” for unwanted callers – i.e., a busy signal, disconnected line or pre-recorded message specifically for that individual.

The new version of VoxOx’s Personal Assistant now also comes with remote call-in access features that allow users to manage their personal assistant with their mobile phone, instead of their computer. For example, users can check their voice mail, dial a number worldwide, make outbound conference calls, program their “Find Me, Follow Me” functionality, change their PIN numbers, transfer to free directory assistance, and change their SMS Callback settings – all from their mobile phone, anywhere in the world. The ability to manage SMS Callback, which allows for extremely inexpensive international calls, is very useful, particularly to international travelers, because it allows consumers to change their authorized mobile number on the fly without having to access their computer or the Internet.

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