Palm Pre Improvements Could Help It Compete

Let’s say you got a Palm Pre when it was all the rage last summer, and since it came out, we’ve seen a new version of the venerable iPhone, praise for the Motorola Droid and drooling over the Nexus One from Google. Now you’re wondering if you made the right choice.

We should learn more this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Palm is expected to announce a partnership with Verizon that could increase its presence – the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi have been exclusive to the Sprint wireless network up until now. Expected upgrades to the Pre and the Pixi likely will be announced at the CES as well.

So what improvements are needed now? You might have a handful of your own to suggest, but a blogger over at Computerworld has 10 of her own. They include the introduction of hotkeys – they were handy on her old Palm Centro, she writes; a better calendar – which is “surprisingly lame for a company [with] datebook and contact management experience”; an improved Facebook app – “is it too much to ask to be able to upload captions with my photos?”; and an undo function, something just about all of us non-perfect types could use.

Maybe she’ll get her wish and we’ll see some changes when the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are introduced, expected later this week.

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