AT&T Slashing Hundreds More Landline Jobs

AT&T’s plan to cut 160 more landline-tech jobs isn’t sitting well with consumer advocates in Connecticut.

A spokesman for the Communications Workers of America reported Tuesday that the installation and repair jobs will be phased out by mid-February. AT&T wouldn’t confirm the total number to the Waterbury Republican-American. The CWA says that’s a grand total of 1,400 Connecticut jobs cut in the past two years.

The union contract requires AT&T to offer the laid off employees either a severance package or another job within the company.

Meantime, on the West Coast, AT&T plans to lay off more than 500 technicians in California by March 31, primarily due to the reduction in landlines. However, union officials worry that the company will be unable to adequately serve those who haven’t gone mobile-only, especially when there’s a natural disaster that knocks out lines. AT&T said it’s confident that customer service will not suffer.

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