AT&T Morally Wrong for Selling iPhone?

Deserved or not, the continued bashing of AT&T’s network coverage and quality has entered the new year as sure as the ball drop in Times Square.

David Coursey of IDG News Service raises an interesting question. He wonders, if based on AT&T’s well-publicized wireless network problems, if the company is “morally wrong” for selling the iPhone. Coursey suggests that, due to the high number of dropped calls, slow data downloads and other wireless problems in places like New York, AT&T might consider reducing the number of iPhones it sells. The company would not say what caused it to stop offering the smartphone to NYC customers online over the Christmas weekend, but speculation ran rampant that AT&T was worried about the even bigger data glut it was creating on its network with the potential increase in traffic.

Coursey says AT&T has to improve its service in New York and San Francisco or face a moral dilemma – selling a phone on a network that many believe can’t handle the large amount of data being transferred on it daily.

Just like in ’09, one of the hottest topics in 2010 will be whether Apple makes the decision to dump its exclusivity with AT&T in the U.S. and offer up the iPhone to other carriers.

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