Tweet2Dial Links Twitter, Google Voice

Linking the most popular short messaging system to the hottest VoIP application on the Web, a company called Nerd Vittles has introduced Tweet2Dial, an application written for use with Asterisk that allows users to initiate free Google Voice calls via a Twitter account.

Tweet2Dial “lets you use Twitter or your favorite Twitter client to make free outbound calls through Google Voice to anyone in the United States or Canada,” wrote chief developer Ward Mundy on the Nerd Vittles blog. Users can send a direct message to a Twitter account and the application will ring back to connect with the phone number specified in the Twitter message.

VoIP provider Jajah offers a similar application, but it’s in an invitation-only beta that allows only calls of two minutes or less, between users who both have Twitter accounts. Tweet2Dial allows users of Asterisk (the application also works on Linux servers) to call any number in the U.S. or Canada.

Nerd Vittles provides a fairly lengthy and complex set-up guide for installing Tweet2Dial on existing Asterisk systems. Users must have already set up Google Voice on their Asterisk server, and must establish a secondary Twitter account, using an alternative email address.

Tweet2Dial and Jajah’s JAJAH@Call beta mark the emergence of mashups between popular social networking systems and VoIP applications that are blurring the lines between Web mail, Web 2.0 applications, instant messaging, and voice calling. Expect more of the same in the coming year.

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