Verizon: Tablet Computers Could Be Hot Sellers in 2010

Verizon Wireless is eyeing tablet computers, often called slate computers, as one of the most promising emerging devices for the carrier to sell in 2010.

“I do think that slates are going to be emerging in rapid succession in 2010,” Brian Ullem, head of emerging devices at Verizon Wireless, told CNET News. “What remains to be seen is how people use them. And the operating systems that manufacturers and carriers will select.”

Some of the biggest operating system names being thrown around include Intel’s Moblin and Google’s Chrome.

Meanwhile, Netbooks – those smaller, less-application-intensive laptops – remain a good new offering for Verizon Wireless. The provider saw high demand for Netbooks around Thanksgiving, a spokesman told CNET, and even though sales have slowed somewhat, they remain steady.


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