Smartphones to Go All Star Wars On Us?

Everybody’s hedging their bets on what will happen with the smartphone sector in 2010. And, not surprisingly, the blogosphere is rife with talk of a Google Phone, the Palm Pixi (considered a “budget” device for a cash-strapped world), and new designs from Sony Ericsson.

But among the most interesting forecasts we’ve encountered is the advent of 3D hologram phones. Infosys, a company in India, reportedly patented the technology last year to project 3D images out of mobile devices; and that very cool feature could be available by the end of 2010.

Yes, yes, all kinds of “Star Wars” jokes certainly come to mind; still, 3D projections seem like they’d be a great addition to smartphones. Presentations could become much more engaging; think of the apps developers could create; and, well, there’s just the whole nifty factor of watching something pop out of a device, à la R2-D2.

Help us, Infosys – you’re our only hope.


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