BlackBerry Tour2 Will Have Trackpad, Faster Processor

Research In Motion (RIM) reportedly will launch the BlackBerry Tour2, or 9650 model, soon. And even though the company has yet to make any formal announcement, some details about the new smartphone have been leaked.

This time around, the Tour will feature an optical trackpad. The current version has a trackball.

The Tour2 is said to contain a faster processor than its predecessor, although no one seems to know the exact speed.

Other than that, the Tour2 promises to be much the same as the original. It’ll come in a tablet shape with a 480×360 display, a QWERTY keyboard, mobile broadband, Bluetooth connectivity and, this time, Wi-Fi. It also will have a 3.2 megapixel camera, microSD memory card slot and a GPS receiver, according to

Nonetheless, availability – when or where – remains unknown, as does price. The BlackBerry Tour launched this past summer in the United States with a $200 subsidized price tag.

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