Apple: Analyst Predicts 11M iPhone Sales

One Wall Street analyst is so confident in Apple Inc. (AAPL) he’s predicting a $260 per-share price target on the company.

Brian Marshall, an analyst at Broadpoint.AmTech, said on Monday in a client memo that, next month, he expects Apple to announce its most successful quarter ever for iPhone sales. He forecasts quarterly shipments of 11.3 million devices for the three months ended Dec. 31, well above his peers’ estimates. Other Wall Street experts say Apple will have shipped about 8.8 million units, according to reports.

But Marshall – who does not own any Apple shares – is sticking to his guns because he’s including international sales.

“We strongly believe the device is still in its infancy with respect to penetrating the global post-paid subscriber market,” he wrote on Monay. “Our analysis indicates that while the iPhone currently enjoys 5.0 percent penetration of [AT&T’s] post-paid subscriber base, the penetration of its current international carrier partners’ post-paid subscriber base is only 0.8 percent.”

Marshall said iPhone adoption is most promising among households making the equivalent of at least $20,000.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Marshall also has high hopes for Apple’s quarterly earnings. He’s projecting $12.509 million in sales and $2.27 in earnings per share.

“Apple remains the best technology company on the planet,” Marshall said.

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