Apple Tablet to Be Dubbed iSlate, Coming in March?

The Apple Tablet is definitely maybe coming soon, perhaps … and the latest scuttle is that is shall be dubbed the “iSlate.”

The rumor can be credited to the MacRumors blog, which says it has evidence that in 2007, Apple bought the domain name “”; it also says it’s pieced together proof that Apple has acquired the iSlate trademark.

The iSlate – if that is indeed its name – might be revealed to the world at a Jan. 26 event in San Francisco, with shipments by March. And if true, it finally will be transformed from its Bigfoot/flying saucer/”the-Mob-killed-JFK” status, into something that is proven to exist.

And there are other signs a launch is imminent: Taiwanese manufacturing publication DigiTimes reports that Apple has placed an order for more 10-inch display screens from Innolux. That’s an addition to the order Apple placed last spring for screens from Wintek, suggesting that Cupertino expects demand to be greater than originally thought.

The device, with its 10-inch screen, is being characterized variously as a Kindle killer, an iPod Touch on steroids, a netbook blocker, a legitimizing of the Apple ethos for business users, and Steve Jobs’ favorite project. It could be all or none of these things, but the evidence suggests we are tantalizingly close to finding out.

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