Nonprofit Pursues Thin, Cheap Tablet Computer

Nonprofit One Laptop Per Child has a lofty goal and it’s looking for partners to join in on its ambition.

The group hopes to make a touchscreen tablet and offer it for less than $100. That’s right, under $100. The device would be an upgrade to its XO computer – in fact, the nonprofit plans two upgrades – that would be just 8.5 inches by 11 inches, the same size as a sheet of computer paper. It would be only a quarter of an inch thick, as well.

The year 2012 is the goal. OLPC hopes computer manufacturers will jump on board and lead the way in development.

Some other cool specs: The plan is for it to have no buttons, a virtual keyboard and to be waterproof. It would feature induction charging and use no more than a Watt of power.


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