Verizon Wireless CTO Says Bring on the iPhone

As 2009 drifts away and 2010 is born, speculation will grow as to whether Verizon Wireless gets its shot at selling the Apple iPhone.

AT&T’s struggles in handling all of the data downloads on its network have been well documented. That’s why Verizon says it’s taken steps to make sure the problems are few and far between if it gets Apple’s crown jewel. Verizon Wireless CTO Anthony Melone told Bloomberg Business Week that his staff has recently performed network upgrades that would support a big increase in traffic that the iPhone would bring. “We are prepared to support that traffic,” Melone told Business Week.

AT&T continues to defend its wireless network, telling the magazine that it “lead[s] the way in how people use their wireless phones,” adding that it “operate[s] a great network.”

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