Palm to Intro New Phone, Verizon Deal at CES Report

It’s been anticipated that Verizon might start selling the Palm Pre, the Apple iPhone, or both starting sometime in 2010. A new report says Verizon and Palm are very close to a team-up that would launch a new Palm smartphone on Verizon’s wireless network.

Reuters is reporting that Palm will introduce a new phone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, and divulge details about a partnership with Verizon to sell the device. Palm has been selling its Pre and Pixi exclusively through Sprint since they debuted earlier this year. No word yet if the “new” phone will actually be a new device, or an upgrade of the Pre.

It looks like AT&T will get in on the action as well. The Reuters story indicates that Palm might soon be ready to announce a partnership with AT&T also.

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