France Telecom Workers: We Hate It Here

More than 80,000 France Telecom workers say privatization led to the problems now plaguing the service provider.

A consultancy has unveiled results of a survey of the formerly state-run carrier’s employees, who said managements’ inability to help workers adjust from a public-sector environment (read: a pretty cushy position to be in in France) has created the troubles that pushed 32 staffers to kill themselves over the past two years.

Even more telling: Just 39 percent of workers say they’re proud to be part of France Telecom. That’s down from 95 percent five years ago.

France Telecom this fall finally started addressing the suicide problem. It’s made concessions such as ending job transfers for employees less than three years from retirement; guaranteeing at least three years’ stability in new positions; hiring more occupational health experts; and bringing 1,300 outsourced jobs back in-house.

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