DSCI Touts Channel Partner Business Growth

DSCI Corp. is reporting a 200 percent increase in sales revenue by independent agents since the beginning of 2009. The company said this growth is the result of initiatives aimed directly at this market segment. Although DSCI always has fostered solid relationships with telecom agents, it wasn’t until the end of 2008 that the company developed a program for the sole purpose of growing this business.

The Fall 2008 Channel Partners Conference and Expo provided the springboard for this initiative by offering a two-day opportunity to meet and interview a number of potential new agents.

“The Channel Partners show was the perfect venue to not only show telecom agents that we were serious about their business segment, but also gave us a chance to get acquainted with a number of new agents over a short period of time,” said Simon Allen, one of DSCI’s channel managers.

Following the Channel Partners conference, DSCI kicked off two incentive programs aimed at channel partners.

“Our Jump Start program provides for a one-time bonus of up to $5,000 to new agents in the first 90 days. Payments are based upon the value of signed contracts of at least 36 months for services on the DSCI network,” said Scott DiMella, a channel manager at DSCI. “With programs like this, we can show these agents that we value their business.”

Additionally, a program launched June 1, 2009, and continuing through the end of the year, pays channel partners a $50 bonus for each IP PBX station sold (up to the first 50) on the DSCI network and with a minimum 36-month contract.

“Because DSCI places a great deal of importance on the role our independent agents play in our overall success, we are always looking for ways to reward them and encourage them to promote our products as part of their business plan,” comments James Maloney, DSCI’s VP of Sales. “The success of our program is proof that our channel partners are as committed to DSCI as we are to them.”

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