Is Tiger Woods a Liability for AT&T?

When you think of Tiger Woods’ sponsors, Nike and Gatorade are probably the first that come to mind. But how might sales of AT&T services and products fare this holiday season if the phone giant stands by its man?

You might not find Woods all over the airwaves hocking AT&T phones or wireless service, but the company’s logo is on his golf bag. Some are wondering if his association with the company will have an effect on sales, especially among women. Will Sprint, Verizon and others benefit from an anti-Tiger backlash?

The very fact that Woods’ relationship with AT&T is less visible might keep this from happening, but that also makes it easier for the company to dump the golf superstar.

Over the weekend, global consulting firm Accenture was the first to kick Woods off its team. Time will tell if others follow suit.

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