iPhone Might Share Responsibility for AT&Ts Problems

Is the way the iPhone is built a reason for its performance problems on the AT&T wireless network?

That’s a question now being raised as speculation grows about the possibility that the iPhone will be available on the Verizon network sometime next year. Will the network itself make a difference?

The New York Times interviewed a researcher at Nielsen who says the iPhone itself might need to take some of the blame for problems of which AT&T is accused. Roger Entner tells the Times that some electronics in the iPhone that allow it to connect to cell towers have “shortcomings that affect both voice and data.” Entner says Apple’s everything gadget is put on such a pedestal, that everyone just assumes their dropped calls and other issues are AT&T’s fault.

AT&T is starting to slowly rebound from the bashing it’s taken from Verizon over the past month regarding its 3G coverage. Just last week, Root Wireless released a study showing that AT&T tops Verizon in download speeds and signal strength. And findings from Global Wireless Solutions, according to the Times, show AT&T to be way ahead of its competitors on data performance.

This all comes two weeks after a Consumer Reports survey that slapped a “worst in customer service” label on AT&T. So the debate rages on.

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