Tech 2009: The Big Winners and the Losers Too

Some of the biggest advances in 2009 came in the form of smartphones – or at least those got the most attention in the media.

That’s just one category of “best ofs” that have been compiled for a new top tech list of 2009. The others included in the list by include winners and losers in Web applications cloud computing.

In the smartphone category, the site lists a number of “winners,” including the Palm Pre, iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry Bold 2 and the BlackBerry Tour – that’s just about everyone, isn’t it? The review gives special attention to the Palm Pre, calling it “remarkable,” and saying the smartphone war of 2009 was sparked by the Pre. But the reviewer admits the wow factor subsided a bit as app development had a hard time getting off the ground. The article goes on to call the Verizon Droid “one of the best smartphones I saw and used this year,” but its product rollout could’ve been a lot better. As far as losers go, Microsoft makes the list for failing to update Windows Mobile quickly enough. And the Pre might have an identity crisis because, in addition to the winners list, it made the loser list for its app failures.

In the Web desktop application category, the site calls consumers the winners due to new offerings from Microsoft and Google. And 2010, it says, is bound to be better.

PCMag gives cloud computing a mixed review for 2009, giving the idea props, but expressing concerns about all of the outages faced by Gmail and others, plus the denial-of-service attacks that continue to plague the Internet.

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