Palm Pre User Sues Sprint, Palm for Lost Data

Just when you thought the iPhone was the only smartphone with data issues comes news that Palm and Sprint are being sued by the owner of a Palm Pre who holds the companies responsible for losing a bunch of his data.

San Francisco resident Jason Standiford has filed a suit that could potentially become a class action. It claims that Standiford was unable to access a whole host of his info that was supposedly lost somewhere on Palm servers. The problem arose after he exchanged a handset that he claims was defective. No, no national secrets were lost, but Standiford is dealing with the loss of memos, contacts and bookmarks.

The biggest issue, the suit claims, is that Palm encourages its users to depend on its cloud storage since you can’t sync a Pre to a PC without obtaining additional software. Standiford also accuses the company of doing daily data overwrites without backing up the info.

Now all of that being said, Palm scrambled and came up with much of the lost data last week, but the suit moves forward nonetheless. The claims are negligence, breach of contract and business code violations.

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