Nortel Layoffs Hurt Many Workers More Than Once

We all know Nortel Networks employees have been through the wringer this year. So what about the people who have been laid off more than once in this economy, due to the recession and Nortel’s bankruptcy?

Denis Levesque, profiled by the Globe and Mail this week, is one of those workers. Two years ago, he lost his job at a tech company in Ottawa only to land a management position right away with Nortel.

Seven months later, he, along with thousands of his peers, was handed a pink slip as Nortel started cutting costs.

“It was hard enough seeing my plans to move my career forward being crushed, but the idea that I was getting laid off again made it even harder,” Levesque told the Globe and Mail. “My confidence was shaken.”

According to the Globe and Mail, thousands of Canadians have been victims of layoffs more than once; experts are trying to help, by providing résumé advice. For Levesque, the question became whether he should even remain in the tech industry. The answer was no. Instead, Levesque launched a business consulting and career-coaching firm, and just one month after losing his job at Nortel.

“For sure, there were dark days for me after I got laid off again in 2008,” he told the Globe and Mail. “But then I thought, ‘You know, I keep getting laid off in this industry, so maybe it’s time for me to get out of it and try something totally new.'”

Such success is nothing but good news for Levesque and other colleagues following entrepreneurial paths. The sad part is, the tech industry is losing talented people.

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