Google Pitched as Best Buyer for Sprint

Google Inc. (GOOG) should buy Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) and bring about the long-promised, little-realized mobile data future.

So say some industry observers, who argue that Google could and should start by re-branding Sprint (so there’s no confusion over the company’s baggage-laden past) and get to work fulfilling the vision of cloud-based data and services.

AT&T Inc.’s (T) network is “puny,” says one InfoWorld writer, as evidenced by the looming data pricing tiers, and the other providers have their own limitations as well.

But Google, a company that has proven itself beyond Web search, and has been known to express interest in wireless spectrum, could really be a contender. It knows how to run an efficient company, so it could change up some hiccups at Sprint; it is all over the latest and greatest in technology; it’s got plenty of money.

It’s a very, very interesting idea and it will be even more interesting to see if such a transaction transpires – if T-Mobile doesn’t get to Sprint first.

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